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Mariah Colorado Lewis
Born September 1, 1999
Bucharest, Romania
Arrived November 6, 2000 - America!

Her first day at home! She's already quite the musician.

Mariah with her dad. Don't they look alike? We are getting ready to board the Hydroplane to visit the Greek island of Hydra.

Mariah with her parents and her Romanian foster parents, Sylvia and Joan. She was lucky enough to spend her first year with these wonderful, loving people.

Me ... looking cool in Hydra. Leonard Cohen has a house there. I kept my sunglasses on so that he wouldn't recognize me if we met. After all, I've been covering his songs for years.!

My favorite photo of Mariah and me. We are heading back to Athens on the boat and I took her out to be in the wind. Needless to say, she is appropriately named!

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