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                    An enlightening presence...
                      Steve Morse
                             Boston Globe 

                     It is impossible not to have a good time listening to Lewis sing.
                             Scott Alarik
                             Boston Globe
                     Bernice Lewis may well be the frosting on the cake!
                             Rod Kennedy, Director
                             Kerrville Folk Festival
                             Kerrville, Tx
                     Bernice Lewis should be investigated by major labels if they can spare the
                     time from signing groups who sound like the Beatles.
                             John Tobler
                             Folk Roots Magazine, UK
                     Lewis' lake-clear voice and satisfying mix of heartfelt and humorous
                     compositions make her worth hearing.  Again and again.
                             David Steinberg
                             Albuquerque Journal
                     Bernice packed the Threadgill Theatre to capacity and wound up with a
                     standing ovation and a pair of encores.   She wowed the crowd with funny
                     stories and her wry insights.  I loved the show from beginning to end.
                             Alan Roweth, Moderator
                             Folk Music Digest
                     Autumn must be nature's attempt to imitate Bernice's
                     voice: vivid contrasts, intense hues and bright spendor. Voices
                     of such quality are of the "once in a generation" variety. Unlike
                     similarly gifted female vocalists (Mary Black, Maura O'Connell)
                     who are exclusively singers and interpreters of songs, Lewis has
                     a real flair for songwriting as well.
                     Shawn Linderman
                     Folk Music Digest
                     In the forefront of her generation of singer-songwriters.
                             Vic Heyman
                             Singout Magazine
                      Her music, her vocals, and her writing are utterly and uniquely her own.
                             Seth Rogovoy
                             Boston Phoenix
                     A fully realized effort from a mature, complex performer who can express
                     every note of her emotion.
                             David Johnson
                             New England Folk Almanac
                     A musical and lyrical tour de force that should propel Lewis to the
                     uppermost ranks of the new folk crowd...
                             Seth Rogovoy
                             Boston Phoenix
                     The type of recording you listen to over and over again,
                             Mark E. Rondeau
                             The Advocate
                             Williamstown, Ma
                     "A small masterpiece."
                     David Johnson New England Folk Almanac
                     She was the first person in the history of our coffeehouse to receive a
                     second standing encore.
                     Jim & Lee Prato
                     Along The Way Coffeehouse
                     Ipswich, MA
                     ...a diverse and intriguing artist...
                     Dirty Linen
            of the Berkshires most valuable natural resources...
                     The Berkshire Eagle
                     Lovely - I was scared to death to follow her.
                     Michael Smith, Songwriter, The Dutchman, Chicago, IL
                     When someone asks me who's the best I've heard, her name always heads the
                     Eddie Russell,
                     Outlaw Radio/Country Eastern Music
                     Isle Of Spirit is a first class recording, Bernice's finest work yet.  Each
                     song sparkles with top notch writing, performances and production .  I
                     just cant stop listening to this album.
                     Janet Feld
                     Somerville, MA
                     Her talent at reaching the audience is undeniable.
                     Sarah Song
                     The Williams Record
                     Williamstown, Ma

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